Printer Status Driver Is Unavailable

Printer icon in the listing is shaded and status shows "removing" but it won't delete. How can I remove this device so that I can successfully reinstall it with an updated driver? printer driver is unavailable. Hi Robert, Thank you for posting your query on Microsoft Community.

How To Install And Update Your Printer Drivers In Windows 10/8/7 How do I change the status of my printer from offline to online? in Drivers and Hardware How do I change the status of my printer from offline to online? We had a new BT modem installed yesterday and …

Sometimes, a 'Printer Driver is unavailable' error shows as a status on the driver software installed on Microsoft Windows 10 PC. The software resides read More

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For printer status on my computer it reads "Driver is unavailable". The printer still works so I'm sure I need to change something on my laptop after the update but I I read that there was an update on the laptop and since then the HP printer does not print. The printer status shows "drivers unavailable".

The printer driver is unavailable error mostly occurs if printer's driver is not up-to-date if it is corrupt, Due to the incompatibility between the printer driver and the Windows system, or There is some pending windows updates are yet to be installed on Windows 10. Whatever the reason here some…

printer driver is unavailable. I cannot print because it indicates driver is unavailable. i tried downloading but to no avail. My printer is a Lexmark X4530. This thread is locked.

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